August 2017

“Thank you for another great ride! You folks are the best. Everyone I talked to thoroughly enjoyed the ride and the people they met and everyone agreed it is because of how you two set the tone for friendship.”

—Denny Graber, DDS, McKennan, South Dakota

Heart of the West
Dates: August 16-19

Clinician: Steve Anderson

Heart of the West

Location: Colorado Rockies

Ride the unbelievable Million Dollar Highway

Southwestern Colorado is covered with Rocky Mountain Peaks that rise 14,000 feet and more above sea level. This ride gives you the experience of riding, eating, sleeping, smelling, and seeing some of the most beautiful highways in the U.S. in some of the highest mountain peaks of the country. Telluride, Colorado, in a small box canyon surrounded by 14,000-ft peaks, is the true heart of the Rockies in my opinion. The Million Dollar Highway to Durango will take your breath away. This truly is the heart of the West. Add to this an overnight in Moab, Utah, and Arches National Park and you have the frosting on this great ride among the wild flowers of the Rockies during their peak season. Oh, by the way, did we mention great continuing education?

The Map

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Steve Anderson

Learning Curves instructor Steve Anderson

Nearly a decade ago Steve and Cheryl Anderson made a joint decision to make a “paradigm shift” and get a “new perspective” on their life together.

Both Steve and Cheryl completed the “Riders Edge” motorcycle course offered by Harley Davidson and the “biker bug” bit them both.  The next weekend, while Steve was out of town, Cheryl went in and bought Steve a brand new Harley as a surprise!

Since then, Steve followed suite and bought Cheryl her own Screamin’ Eagle Harley. They ride often in and around their suburban Dallas neighborhood, both together and separately. Cheryl actually drops off the children to school and other events on the Harley.

When they ride with Learning Curves Adventure Tours, a new Harley Full Dresser is reserved for them to give them the ultimate comfort for the four days of riding two-up through gorgeous mountain vistas.  They both consider learning to ride and riding together to be one of the best things they do for their marriage and they encourage every couple they know to do the same. 

Steve is well known for providing solutions to questions, challenges and yes, even problems that come up in any business regarding team building, team culture and team unity—hot topics in today’s competitive world.

As founder of the Total Patient Service Institute and Crown Council, he has worked with thousands of dentist over the last 25 years to solve the biggest dental practice management challenges. 

A master at directing discussions and ensuring you leave with answers, you will find yourself able to implement many new ideas on Monday morning.

As an example of essential, effective leadership skills, both in word and deed, Steve will help you see what it takes to lead a team into a highly productive, preferred future for your business.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be up close and personal with Steve and Cheryl both as “biking buddies” and innovative, creative friends and mentors.