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Learning Curves A Tribute to Our Sweetheart and Mother, Frances

I have just returned from a 2,000 mile journey with my son, Chris, over a period of 4-days on our Harleys riding in a two-person formation. This special experience, with all my senses in tune with the beauties of God’s creations, has given me a great opportunity to think and reflect. I have experienced some of my most creative moments in life with the wind in my face, the roar of the V-Twin in my ears, and the sights and smells of the beautiful world at my fingertips.

Frances and I had an amazing ride. We fell in love in our 9th grade English class at the age of fourteen. We were married at nineteen—almost forty-eight years ago. We have been on a continuous honeymoon ever since that day.

Our lives were blessed with four very special children, who to this day, remain very best friends with each other. They each have special loving and caring spouses whom we are proud to consider as part of our own family. We have been blessed with thirteen grandchildren who are also special friends with one another.

Frances and I worked and studied together to obtain an advanced education that would allow us to serve together. Using the dental skills obtained in the profession we love, we have traveled the world together in third-world countries the past twenty-two years serving people we have grown to love.

Together we experienced the joy of living together for 18-months on the Hawaiian island of Moloka’i serving as full-time missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Our bond with each other was once again strengthened even further as we made new life-long friendships with the people whom we served.

The two of us traveled together alone over 200,000 miles on our Harley-Davidson motorcycle among God’s creations and away from the challenges and monotony of everyday life.

The list of all we shared during our years spent hand-in-hand on this earth is never ending. Together, we had an amazing ride and we are so grateful to have been able to share small parts of that ride with so many of you.

My commitment to Frances is to ride on with my family, serving others in all that I do. I hope I can ride with you in the near future.



At Learning Curves,
the summer season is well upon us

Don’t let the season pass without allowing us the joy of riding with you.

Our July Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks is sold out.

Our August Top of the Colorado Rockies Ride has 3 spots remaining.

Our September Utah National Parks “Red Rock Rumble” has 6 spots left.

Learn More or Register Now!

A Final Thought

Only a biker knows why a dog sticks its head out of a car window.

SUMMER SPECIAL: Celebrate a special event on one of our rides, and we will dedicate one day of the ride to be all about YOU! Gifts, music, food and drink, games and fun! Think of something to celebrate and surprise your spouse or significant other.

Choose a ride!

Bike Tip:
Road Hazards to Remember

As I traveled those 2,000 miles with my son, Chris, this last week, we encountered all kinds of weather. This caused me to think of some of the road hazards we should all remember:

Loose gravel on the road;

Painted lines on the road become very slippery when wet;

Steel construction plates on the road (also slippery when wet);

Deer, elk and other large animals (don’t travel at night except in an emergency);

Fresh tar patches repairing cracks in the asphalt become especially slippery when warmed by the afternoon sun; and,

The wavy lines on the roads where asphalt has been stripped for road resurfacing require extra focus and slower speeds.

Safety first—


Learning Curves founders
Roy & Frances Hammond

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