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Learning Curves Looking Ahead

As I write this newsletter, I am spending a week with my four wonderful children, their very special spouses, and my thirteen grandchildren. We are sharing old memories and making new ones among the beautiful red rock canyons of Lake Powell, in Southern Utah. A longtime family tradition has been to share a house boat here every July and spend the week sleeping and eating and growing in our strength as a family under the stars among God’s vast creations. We are committed to maintaining our traditions to honor the life of the shining star of our family, Frances.

Last week we completed our very successful Smiles for Life benefit ride. Our normal rides have a limit of 16 bikes but for this one ride we expand the number to enhance our contribution to Smiles for Life. Our group of twenty-one bikes left Provo and enjoyed perfect weather for our tour through the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Park before returning back to Park City, Utah, the site of the 2002 Winter Olympics. This special group of Crown Council members and partners came together and bonded in a very special way. I am sure that many lifelong friendships were made. All proceeds of this ride are given to benefit Smiles for Life, the service arm of Crown Council.

In twelve years of providing these Learning Curves Adventures, this is the first time our sweetheart and mother, Frances, has not been with us. We continue this opportunity to be with you, to meet and make new friends, and to honor Frances. All proceeds of our other five rides each year are donated to the Smiles for Hope Foundation. This is a charitable organization that Frances and I founded many years ago to serve third-world countries through education, training resident new dental health care workers and leading and hosting groups of American and Canadian dentists on humanitarian expeditions. Our family has committed to continue this work in tribute to Frances. One or more of my children or grandchildren will be with me on each humanitarian expedition to serve by my side as expedition leaders.

I take this opportunity to thank each of you for your friendship, your support of Learning Curves, and the opportunity to remain in contact with the profession I love through our Learning Curves project and Smiles for Hope Foundation.



At Learning Curves, the season is nearly over!

Don’t let the season pass without allowing us the joy of riding with you.

Our September Southern Utah ride is the only ride remaining this season with rider availability. Registration has closed for our Rocky Mountain ride in August. Come join us and experience the inspiring and unique red rock country of Southern Utah. We visit four National Parks and three National Monuments—all in four days!

Our featured clinician is Dr. Ron Ritsco of Houston, TX, and founder of Aesthetic Masters. I know this guy—he is a great teacher and a joy to be with. Best of all, he really knows how to ride a Harley. In fact, Ron has shipped his Harley to Utah so he could be on his own bike for this ride. Come see and hear Ron’s custom Harley!

Call Angel today at 1-866-714-7474 and take advantage of our last ride of the season. If you have attended any of the previous Aesthetic Masters courses or are registered for any future courses, please let Angel know and you will receive a credit of $1,000 towards your tuition for this ride. Just do it!

Learn More or Register Now!

A Final Thought

Keep your mouth closed—unless you like the taste of bugs!

SUMMER SPECIAL: Celebrate a special event on one of our rides, and we will dedicate one day of the ride to be all about YOU! Gifts, music, food and drink, games and fun! Think of something to celebrate and surprise your spouse or significant other.

Choose a ride!

Bike Tip:
Metro Air Force Motorcycle Dryer

Air Blaster

Have you ever caught yourself saying “Wow!” as your car goes through the automatic car wash and you experience that final stage where high powered warm air blasts every drop of water off your car to leave it not only clean but dry?

Now you can provide your bike’s beautiful chrome and steel that same protection with the “Blaster.” It quickly and safely blasts moisture out of every nook and cranny leaving water no place to hide. I have had one for several years. Check it out at www.motorcycledryer.com or call 1-800-822-1602.


Harley-Davidson unveiled all their new motorcycles and products in Denver, CO on July 24, 2009. All these products are available at your local dealer or online


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Roy & Frances Hammond

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