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  • At Learning Curves: A Road Less Traveled
  • Never Been There Never Done That
  • Safety Tip Look Twice, Save a Life
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At Learning Curves A Road Less Traveled

As I write this month’s newsletter I am enjoying the clear warm waters of Lake Powell with Glenda, my children and my 13 grandchildren. This unique lake on the southern edge of our state of Utah is 196 miles long and features 1,960 miles of shoreline. That is more shoreline than the length of the entire West Coast of the United States! There are 96 major canyons to explore. Unfortunately, they are not accessible by Harley. You can only explore these canyons by boat or on foot. This makes these canyons much less traveled and creates a place of beauty and total serenity.

As I promised two years ago, we have designed entirely new routes for each of our rides. Each route underscores our total commitment of taking you to some of the most beautiful and wide open spaces in the world. Each ride offers the added adventure and joy of riding on the roads that are less traveled, safer and more serene.

This year, our May ride (which was also the Smiles for Life benefit ride) was only the second run of this new Grand Circle Adventure ride. Our June ride to Northern Canada took in a number of new roads that added a wonderful new dimension to this already “over the top” experience. We have just completed the Yellowstone and Grand Teton ride, which we have done now for fourteen years. This time, the entire route was new. The repeat riders who were with us commented that it was their favorite ride ever.

We look ahead to our final two rides of 2010 with great anticipation for the new routes we have designed for each one of them. Glenda and I have the excitement and joy of planning and previewing each of the new routes to ensure every detail is in order and to make the ride a safe and memorable experience for each of you. Wow, what a tough job I have these days—but fortunately, someone has to do it!

Registration is closed for all of our remaining rides this year so if you have not experienced a 2010 ride or have not already registered for one of the remaining two rides, you have missed out! For those of you who have been or will be with us on one of our 2010 rides, we express our heartfelt thanks to you for your support.

Now is the time to register for 2011. Because of the challenges of booking accommodations during the high season on all our routes, we are most grateful to those who are able to plan ahead, mark their calendar and register in advance. Thank you!

Ride safe and ride now because the end of the season is fast approaching with winter looming just around the corner.

Never Been There Never Done That!

As you read this newsletter, Glenda and I are on the road to Sturgis, South Dakota. This again is one of those slow paced, boring, hard to take tasks of keeping Learning Curves alive and well :-). I have to be there to check out all the new products and recent developments in our business.

Glenda has never been there and never done that but every true Harley Babe must take this trek to be adopted into the fold—so here we are! Besides us, there are five or six hundred thousand others all here in the Black Hills talking shop about our passion for riding and sharing the knowledge that it is not about the destination but about the journey. A neighbor of mine asked me a few weeks ago (just after we had returned from our Canadian Adventure) what we did when we got there and how long we stayed. My answer, of course, was as soon as we got there we immediately turned around and started back down a new road! You see, if you have to ask that kind of question you wouldn’t understand the answer.

My hope is that each of us can remember as we go through life that the joy of the journey is the real goal. If we spend our life always looking for our joy to come when we reach the destination, we have made a big mistake.

We at Learning Curves hope you will join us on a journey in 2011. As a Learning Curves team, we are always committed to bring joy and safety to the journeys we have prepared for you.

Keep the rubber side down,


Safety Tip: Look Twice, Save a Life

This is so cool I just had to share it with all of you.

We at Learning Curves always make the safety of all our riders the top priority in our minds and our actions. When I read about the efforts of the California Highway Patrol (“CHP”) doing the same thing to support motorcyclists, I just had to pass it on to you.

The CHP has recently received a “Look Twice, Save a Life” motorcycle grant. This is a two year $1.2MM fund established for the purpose of educating the public and raising awareness for all motorists.

The CHP has increased enforcement by saturating areas of great risk with officers, providing more education via Public Service Announcements on television and in movie theatres, and setting up shop at public outreach events. Additionally, the CHP has been providing literature, posting signs in high peak riding areas, and alerting motorists to “Share the Road, Look Twice for Motorcyclists.”

Wow! I applaud the CHP. This will hopefully result in increased awareness of motorcyclists and decreased accidents.

Sincerely – Roy

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Choose a 2011 ride now!

Bike Tip:
Some thoughts on reducing risk as you enjoy the corners

Even if you ride at the same speed on the same roads there are some tactics that help keep you safe. On a strange road we have no idea what might be around the turn so I suggest you consider the following points and take a wide radius to reduce your risk.

  • A turn with the greatest radius demands the least action for a given speed. The risk of riding into unexpected hazards is reduced by following a line that gives an early view of what lies ahead.
  • The risk of collision is reduced by following a line that gives maximum separation from oncoming traffic at critical locations.
  • The risk of falling on a bad surface is reduced by having the sharpest part of the turn on pavement that you have already been able to view and assess.

Reduce the risks and enjoy the ride!


Learning Curves founders
Roy & Frances Hammond

As always, we're happy to answer any questions you may have, so give us a call!

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