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At Learning Curves: The Joy of Anticipation

As you read this month’s writings, Glenda and I are both in the Dominican Republic at UCE (University of Central East, in English) serving at the dental school there. They have just over 400 students in the school and 85% are women. They are working hard to improve the technique and materials available to the students to bring them in line with what each of us take for granted.

Our time at the school is followed by the opportunity to host 41 volunteers from the U.S. whom we meet at the airport in Santo Domingo. Each one of them has the special opportunity to change their lives and the way they view the world we live in through this special experience. Glenda and I have the special experience of observing this change come about. The real goal of these expeditions is not changing people on the outside by improving smiles, but it is changing people on the inside by softening their hearts and giving them a new view of the real world, that for most of us, is hidden behind closed doors. The people we serve are also touched by new found friends from a new culture and new way of life. This is win-win even when we leave teeth completely out of the equation.

Now a quick word about anticipation. Anticipation of an upcoming event can bring a great fear. I normally find that the reality of the anticipation did not warrant the fear that was generated through the anticipation. My days before the event would have been much better without that period of anticipation.

Now, on the other side of the coin, the joy that can come from anticipation also normally far outreaches the actual event. Think about our yearly preparation for the Christmas holiday season as an example. Well, on that note, here is my plug as you plan your 2011 to put an experience with Learning Curves on you calendar. Start now to anticipate this adventure and the memories it will gift you.

Yes, the economy is tough, but we all have discretionary dollars. My experience tells me that when these dollars are spent on creating long-term memories, it is a much better investment than when discretionary dollars are spent on discretionary stuff.

We hope you will join us on one of our all new routes that we have put together for the 2011 season. Same great service and beautiful destinations, but all new journeys. Our goal is to improve your experience by always evaluating every ride and brainstorm how we can be better next time. Thank you for your support.

Sincerely, Glenda and Roy and the Hammond Family

No Plans

I know I just gave a heart-felt plea to come join us on an organized Learning Curves Ride. Now I want to step back and encourage you to add to your riding memories in a very different way.

Glenda and I made our Sturgis experience this year an all new adventure. We packed our tent and sleeping bags, and floss and toothbrush of course, and rode off without a reservation for a hotel or a plan for our time. No details to be concerned about except riding two up, being safe and enjoying each other.

Sure it’s fun to ride with friends and especially with the great friends we have been blessed with through Learning Curves. But, I want to encourage you to put a special memory on your plate. Ride onto the open roads, meet interesting characters, see interesting places and spend the night wherever that road leads you. This is an invitation to plainly and simply explore your world. Remember that roads without destinations lead to bliss without boundaries. So go out and lose yourself in the smells, sounds, feels and sights of this beautiful world.

Sharing the Passion

As a final closing thought this month, I must tell you that sharing the passion of riding this past year with Glenda and with my four children and their spouses has been a high point of my efforts to rebuild and give meaning and direction to my life which I felt was lost after my loss of Frances.

To see Angel smile for 1000 miles of total joy as she had the first Learning Curves ride on her 2010 Softail Deluxe last May brought me more joy, I am sure, than it did to her. That May ride included three of my four children and each one had their spouse with them. Our March expedition to the Dominican Republic included five of my grandchildren and three of my children. This is what retirement is meant to be.

So plan your work and work your plan, but don’t forget to plan your life after work to allow you to pursue your passions in a way that you can have the joy of sharing them with those you love. Nothing in life is worth having or doing it if can’t be shared.


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Bike Tip:
Over-Sized Windshields

Custom windshields

Just want to pass on a neat product that came my way on our June ride to the Canadian Rockies.

Dr. Dennis Simmons and his wife were riding their Softail Duluxe that they shipped to Provo for the ten-day trip. I noticed that he had an over-sized windshield on his bike. I have always been frustrated by the stock windshields that leave the line of the upper edge of the windshield directly in the line of view.

Here is an answer if you’re interested: Cee Baileys. Go to their website or contact sales@ceebaileys.com for more information. Tell them the make and model of your bike and how much height you want to add to your windshield and in about ten days you will have the new plastic windshield to replace your stock one. Using your same stock windshield frame, simply take out a few screws and pop in the new one. All this for under $150.

Hope this tip may solve the problem for you, if you have had the same problem I was having. By the way, the material they use is far superior to the stock material.


Learning Curves founders
Roy & Frances Hammond

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