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At Learning Curves: Attitude of Gratitude

As you read this newsletter, Glenda and I are serving at UCE Dental School in San Pedro Dominican Republic giving our support and input for the education of the young students who are the future dentists is that country. We are both so grateful for this opportunity we have to serve together and make so many new friends here in this beautiful country.

On the 5th of this month, we will welcome our group of 36 volunteers from the USA and join up with our 18 Dominican Volunteers to begin our November expedition to serve the poorest of the poor on the Samana Peninsula returning home in time for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

As I pause to reflect on this past year, the first word that comes to my mind is “Wow.” I am filled and running over with gratitude for the blessings that have filled my life.

You are aware of my loss of Frances. My gratitude for her and her life and the wonderful family we are blessed with is beyond words.

Many of you have had the blessing of meeting Glenda. How one guy could be blessed in one life with such a beautiful, caring, sensitive, loving, giving, hard- working, spiritual woman the second time around is beyond my wildest dreams and imagination. My gratitude for her and the new dimension and hope she has given to my life is also beyond words.

I must express gratitude for my belief system that leads me in all I do and say and I am sure lead me to Glenda. Glenda and I are so grateful for each of our friends, new and old, for their love and encouragement and support as we both lost our spouses in 2009 and were able to bring our lives and families together for this new journey we are in.

As I look forward to my 70th birthday, I, without question, must express my gratitude for the strength and health I have been blessed with that allows me to move forward with the vision that I had many years ago for this, the “back nine” of my life. Also the blessing of having Glenda there by my side with love and encouragement along this path is much more than I could have ever dreamed of at this time last year.

I could go on and on, but will not. I will leave you with a sincere note of gratitude for each of you and your support of Learning Curves and the Smiles for Hope Foundation and the Hammond Family through this past year of loss, chaos, change, and new joy and new direction. We are still here to give you Miles of Smiles in the new 2011 riding season.


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International Ride: Alps of Europe 2012

As I have written before, I have always been a planner. Always looking and planning for the future. The value of this joy of anticipation that can be missed by not planning ahead cannot be measured.

Glenda and I have just completed our first humanitarian expedition together. Glenda came through with flying colors as I knew she would. We are now on our last expedition to the Dominican Republic for this 2010 year. Our Learning Curves season is over until May of 2011. Our 2011 calendar is complete and all plans are laid for a great year on the Harley and our international service prospects.

Now we are bringing 2012 into full focus and we encourage you to do the same. Here is the invitation for you to join us in 2012 for 18 days in the Alps of Europe two up on a motorcycle.

As we spent time with our great friends, Donna and Graham at the Sturgis Rally in August, we laid the plans for this, our international ride for 2012. This ride will be on new BMW motorcycles. There will be freedom to be with Donna and Graham each day or venture off on your own from time to time for the day. Donna and Graham know their stuff. They have, for many years, guided groups along all of these roads. There will be 18 days as part of the tour and 16 of those will be on the bikes. The cost will be around $10,000, excluding air fare, your gas, and some meals. We will, of course, hold continuing education sessions each day as this is what we do at Learning Curves.

Now is the time to register and plan for this great opportunity. Don’t miss out on the joy of anticipation that can come for beginning now to bring 2012 into view and into focus. We would love to have you join us. The dates are June 15 - July 3, 2012. Contact Angel@LearningCurves.net now to hold your spot.

—Roy and Glenda and the Hammond Family

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Bike Tip:
So Simple

This month’s bike tip is so so simple:

Keep the rubber side down







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