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At Learning Curves: All New for “Twenty Eleven”

As I write this month’s newsletter in mid-October, I am sitting on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon on a clear blue warm sunny day. No, I am not sitting in two feet of snow as I probably would be if I were writing it closer to the time that you would be reading it. Glenda and I head off for our service in the Dominican Republic at the end of October and we don’t return home until late November. Therefore, I had to plan ahead to leave you this last message of 2010.

As I promised two years ago, all of our rides have now been redesigned to have new routes that take us to the same beautiful National Parks. At the time of this writing, Glenda and I are putting together the final details on our new Grand Circle Adventure for May 2011 which takes in the Grand Canyon and also our National Parks of Utah ride for June 2011. All five of our rides in the U.S. now have a new design to what we at Learning Curves feel will bring an upgrade in your experience as well as provide a new adventure for those of you who have experienced all of our rides over the past several years.

Check out the maps and ride descriptions as well as the listing of our guest clinicians on our web site at LearningCurves.net. We in the Hammond Family would be honored to ride with you in the coming new year.

Also, now is the time to plan for and anticipate the Alps of Europe in June of 2012. This will be our over-the-top international ride for “Twenty Twelve.”

Have a great Holiday Season and we will look for you on our side of the road in 2011.

—Roy and Glenda and the Hammond Family

All rides for 2011 have new exciting routes that take in the same outstanding destinations.

This is your last chance to register early before December 31, 2010, and receive $500 off your cost. We encourage this because it helps us with our hotel and bike rental planning during their peak seasons at each location.

Choose a 2011 ride now!

Bike Tip:
Heated Gloves

I think I have written about this once before, but it is worth repeating. After doing a lot of cold weather riding this past year with the use of the heated jacket and gloves by Harley Davidson, I wonder how I went so many years without them. Even in 40° weather your hands and upper body feel like a comfortable 70° day. A simple lead wire from your bike battery is all it takes and the installation is complete. If you are looking for a great Christmas gift for your passenger or for yourself, or both of you for that matter, check this out at your local Harley dealer.







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