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Plan Your Sick Days Now!

Our riding season is in full swing. We have completed our first ride of the season, the Grand Circle Adventure with Gordon and Rella Christensen. You still have time to “Grab Life by the Handlebars” and save a spot on one of our 2011 Rides. There are still spots left for our July Ride through Yellowstone and Grand Tetons and our September Ride to the Big Island of Hawaii. Contact Angel to reserve your bike for the limited space still available on these two rides.

S.E.E. Search, Evaluate, Execute

Search, Evaluate, Execute. Those of you who have taken a rider’s training course have heard this over and over. Search, Evaluate, Execute. It is impossible to overemphasize the fundamentals. Safe riding is about risk reduction because risk elimination is not possible.

To be able to search you need to allow yourself as large a view as possible of not only the road ahead, but the areas near the side of the road where all of the animals with a tendency toward suicide hang out.

An experience I share will illustrate this point. My wife and I were riding two up in New Zealand the morning after a huge rainstorm. We were following behind a car pulling a large house trailer. My normal desire would lead me to pass and not follow behind any such situation that limits my view of all the surroundings ahead. Due to the fact that in New Zealand, I am never sure which side of the road I am suppose to drive on (they use the left side of the road) and the pavement was still very wet, I stayed right behind the trailer for an extended period of time.

This was a mistake. On a short stretch of straight road at a fairly good rate of speed, a very, very large and very, very deep chuck hole appeared from under the trailer directly in my path. My ability to search had been way too limited. Upon a one-second evaluation, I decided the execution should be to hold the straight course and ride through the hole. I was able to keep the bike upright and on course. But much of the luggage went off and I nearly felt my wife fly off as well. The rims of the bike were both severely bent.

The good news was there were no injuries to deal with and the elevated blood pressure was later controlled.

So, what is the message? Always be looking for a position on the road that gives you the maximum opportunity for risk reduction by allowing maximum searching ability. Never stay behind a large trailer or truck any longer than necessary. When you are behind one of these view blockers, drop back to give yourself all the space and time possible to evaluate and execute past any obstacles that are presented to you.

Safety pays great dividends. Invest in it every day.


Give us the opportunity to ride with you!
The ride will capture your attention but our service will define your experience.

New Riders
For every new rider that one of our previous rider brings along on a 2011 ride, we will give the previous rider a $500 credit towards their tuition or a $500 gift certificate at Timpanogos Harley Davidson.

Choose a 2011 ride now!

Bike Tip:
iPlugz® by EARinc

Seems like these days, about half the time Glenda tells me something I need to ask her to repeat her statement. The days of the high-speed hand piece, hunting with a high-power rifle and riding a Harley are getting the best of my hearing.

Might be time to look into EARinc iPlugz. With EAR’s iPlugz sports monitors, you can listen to an MP3 player, Apple iPod, or satellite radio. Or, I personally enjoy total silence to just enjoy the sights and smells and wind in my face.

Just a thought for safe ears.





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