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With Learning Curves, “You Go Where You Look”

If you have ever taken a rider training program you have heard this statement over and over again. As riders, we have to train ourselves to focus our gaze away from things we fear and point our eyes on our desired route. It seems our brains are hard wired to focus on the things we want to avoid, and then consequently, that takes us on a precise collision course to those things.

Several years ago I began making notes for a book I wanted to write which I would entitled “Lessons Learned From My 1,000,000 Miles On A Harley.” The first chapter would encompass the thoughts on “You Go Where You Look.”

I will save the details of this for when you read the book, but as for now, I ask you to begin the new year of 2012 with your hearts and minds focused on all the positive plans your hopes and dreams can bring to pass and avoid thoughts of all else.

As for Glenda and I, our calendar was completed months ago and it is completely full of learning and growing and serving and riding. We will be doing all of these things together and with family because we have both learned during our 70 years on this earth that this is where the rubber meets the road.

Thanks for listening again—



I know I am a “legend” in my own mind only, but this is a different kind of legend.

A friend of our family, Rick Salisbury, is a very successful real estate developer and home builder. He is a client of my son-in-law, Cannon, whom many of you have met on our rides.

Rick has taken his hobby of vintage motorcycles into the form of a business. Good idea for a tax-wise lifestyle if you ask me! Glad I thought of that myself many years ago.

It would be well worth your while and also a lot of fun to go to his web site at legendsmotorcycles.com and take a look at some of the items he has invented and developed. If you have a touring bike with a tour pack, you should for sure look at the Legends Sliding Tour Pack. When your passenger is left at home (I hope that’s not often), the entire assembly moves forward to give you, the rider, the comfort of the back rest and the look of a “1 up” bike set up.

I will always give my full support to the network of Harley-Davidson dealerships because they are the connection that keeps the motor company alive. But, I love the exciting and innovative products that come from the day-to-day riders like each of us.



Welcome to the New Year!
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Next Ride:
June 16-July 2:
Alps of Europe

We still have four more bikes for this, our international ride for 2012. This may be your one and only chance to see the most beautiful mountains in the world with a 360° view.

Beker’s Motorcycle Tours, our tour partners, have details of the ride.

Then contact us at Learning Curves to sign up for this once in a lifetime adventure.

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Bike Tip:
Dead Battery?

I am always looking for compact new or overlooked ways to avoid being stranded on the road. I have passed on thoughts about an extra spark plug, small air compressors, tire patch kits and others. Now I share this new “Dead Battery” cure all.

Startmonkey200 is very small and compact. Connect it to your battery terminals, let it sit for a few seconds; hit the start button and your bike starts up. Once the bike is started, startmonkey200 shuts off automatically and you put it back in its case.

Go to PowerTraveller.com for more info.




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