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Learning Curves is Made in the USA

Glenda and I just returned a few days ago from our over-the-top experience riding the Alps of Europe through Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France. We arrived home just in time to celebrate our independence day with family, go to the parade and attend a huge Beach Boys concert in our town.

I love America! Nothing makes me even more grateful for my country and my family and home than to spend time away from it all for a few weeks. Nothing makes more grateful for my Harley Davidson Road King than to ride a BMW for 16 days.

I have been through the Alps of Europe before, once in a bus and once in a car. On this trip I saw the Alps at 360° and with my sense of smell, feel of the air, as well as sight my eyes were wide open every minute to take it all in all of the time. The trip was very laid back. Short distance runs each day and some free days to just enjoy the hotel and village for the entire day.

The continuing educating was in our Mastermind Format where each guest, as well as myself, share a very casual presentation of a special idea that has been significant and meaningful in their practice and life. These sessions are always awesome and bring about solidarity and respect to the dynamics of the members of the group.

Yes, on a bike you are forced to endure weather and temperatures and some saddle sores, but as I think back to my previous experience in the Alps where I experienced the entire trip inside the cage of a bus or car and as I viewed other tourists in their bus seats looking out their 3 x 4 windows, I once again realized it is all about the journey and not about the destination.

It is not too late to take a 2012 journey with us. Our ride for July is sold out, but there still is very limited space in our Colorado Rockies ride in August and our Grand Circle ride in October. We would love to have you. Thanks for your many years of support.


Navigating the Road

As we look ahead to the next four months of riding that are left here in the north of our good old USA, I am reminded of some of the specific road conditions that always seem to be encountered during the summer months. I would like to address just two of them here that I hope will be meaningful.

One of the surface hazards that I commonly encounter these days are the grooved surfaces where the old pavement has been ground away to make space for a new resurface. It is definitely unnerving to ride on this grooved surface because your bike will wiggle around on the grooved surface. The real danger comes in trying to cross over an edge onto the new smooth pavement that may have been laid in the adjacent lane. This pavement edge can catch your front tire and instantly drop you. It is essential to keep your tires away from the raised pavement edges. If you are directed to cross over an edge by traffic cones or a flagman, it is critical to bounce over the edge at a maximum angle. A line of attack of less than 45 degrees greatly increases your chance of losing control of your bike, so swerve away from the edge and attack it at an angle of no less than 45 degrees.

On a hot summer day the slick stuff called tar snakes deserve your attention. This is a crack sealer that is much darker in color than the surrounding pavement. If you can pick a path around these varmints, do it. If you have to ride through the snake pit, just slow down and keep your bike more vertical just as you would on gravel.

Be safe and keep the rubber side down—


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Bike Tip:
Open Your Garage Door with Your Lights

Most of us these days have a special place in the garage for our Iron Horse. Most of us also have an automatic power garage door. If you are not aware of this one you may want to look into it.

You can open or close your garage door with Flash 2 Pass. A double click on the high beam switch on your bike and presto, there you have it, the door opens or closes. It will work on any garage door opener. You can ask at your local dealer or go to the Flash 2 Pass website.




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