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Learning Curves Heads to Sturgis!

If I need to explain what that is, then you probably would not understand. But, that said, Glenda and I look forward to sharing this unique experience with 10 special couples for 10 special days from August 3 through August 11 of 2013.

This one-and-only Learning Curves experience to Sturgis will kick off with bike check out and a get-acquainted dinner in Provo on August 3, and conclude in Provo the afternoon of August 11, 2013.

You will experience:

  1. A night of dancing after dinner in the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar in Jackson, Wyoming.
  2. Grand Teton National Park
  3. Yellowstone National Park
  4. Beartooth Highway
  5. Chief Joseph Highway
  6. Cody Night Rodeo
  7. Mount Rushmore National Monument
  8. Crazy Horse Monument
  9. The Black Hills
  10. Needles Highway
  11. Custer State Park
  12. Big Horn Mountains
  13. Devil’s Tower

And of course, that is only the frosting on the cake of “Sturgis” which includes Main Street of Sturgis, South Dakota during the Sturgis Rally & Races along with bike shows, concerts, hill climbs, vendors and plenty of people watching.

You will be one of 600,000 attending the mecca of Harley-Davidson culture. You will rub shoulders with Harley-Davidson bikers from around the world and from all walks of life.

This opportunity will be limited to the first ten couples and the riders must have significant previous riding experience. The continuing education will take place in the Mastermind Format. Glenda and I look forward to sharing this time with you in 2013.

Ride safe—


The Itinerary

  • Day 1: Fly to Salt Lake City and shuttle to Provo where we will have your 2013 bike of your choice ready and your hotel for the night set just for you. That evening we will gather at Sundance Resort in the mountains above Provo for our kick-start dinner and get acquainted evening.
  • Day 2: Our early start takes us into Wyoming through Idaho and back to Wyoming. After lunch we continue on to Jackson, Wyoming, for our second night’s stay at the Lexington Hotel in the center of Jackson. Sturgis Bike week brings plenty of action to Jackson including live music and dancing at the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar.
  • Day 3: We are off on our tour through Grand Teton National Park and then into Yellowstone National Park. We stop at the historic Lake Hotel for our lunch this day. We then continue through the park with a stop at Yellowstone Falls and through the Lamar Valley to Silvergate and Cook City. From here we go up Beartooth Highway to the 11,000 foot Beartooth Pass and down into Red Lodge, Montana for our night’s stay at the newly restored Pollard Hotel in the heart of Red Lodge.
  • Day 4: We have the opportunity to retrace our steps back up the hairpin switchbacks of the Beartooth and then down to the Chief Joseph Highway which takes us through the historic canyons of the days of General Custer. We reach Cody, Wyoming for our night at Cowboy Village in your individual perfectly appointed cabin. We will take in the Buffalo Bill Museum and of course, the Cody Night Rodeo.
  • Day 5: Today takes us from west to east across the Wyoming Plains punctuated by the beautiful Big Horn Mountains. As we reach the eastern border of Wyoming we take the opportunity to visit Devil’s Tower (famous from the movie of “Close Encounters”) and then drive through Sturgis, South Dakota for a quick taste before heading to our hotel at the foot of Mount Rushmore.
  • Day 6: This is a free day for you to choose your own way through Sturgis. You will find concerts at Buffalo Chip, bike shows, races, hill climbs, vendors of every type of bike and bike gear in the world. You will find tattoos and piercings. People watching is over the top. You name it and it is here in Sturgis. You choose your own lunch and dinner. Breakfast is at our hotel.
  • Day 7: Glenda and I will guide a ride through the Black Hills with lunch at the historic Roosevelt Game Lodge. We will take in Custer Park, Needles Highway, Crazy Horse Monument and all the beauties of riding the Black Hills. We will complete this day with a special patriotic program that night at Mount Rushmore.
  • Day 8: We get our early start on our two-day journey back to Provo. This journey takes us back across the grass lands of South Dakota and Wyoming and across the Big Horn Mountains and the Wind River Mountains.
  • Day 9: Our final day on this fabulous adventure takes us back into Utah past Park City, past Sundance, and down the canyon into Provo. We are left with memories and stories and you will no longer say, “What is Sturgis?”
  • Day 10: You are back at the office sharing stories of this new adventure into the heart and soul of the Harley-Davidson Culture and probably recovering from a little cultural shock.

As you can see, our rides are not about the destination, but about the journey. Once again, this ride is for experienced riders. You should also know that everything you take needs to go on your bike. If your wife plans her wardrobe as carefully as Glenda, she needs all the space. This means you have space for one pair of Levis and one change of underwear. That works out OK. I just stand my Levis in the corner each night and they are ready for the next day. The underwear washes out and hangs to dry overnight. This is a real biker’s experience!

Make us aware of your interest by email to info@Learningcurves.net and Angel will forward a registration form.

Your space will be reserved with your $2,000 deposit and the balance for this ride of $5,500 will be due June 1, 2013. The total investment for this ride and the continuing education is $7,500 per couple.

Thank you—


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Canadian Rockies, Sturgis Rally,
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Close Calls & Crashes

I take this opportunity to have you know that I have had both. I have had close calls and crashes in my business endeavors in dentistry and outside of dentistry. I have had close calls and crashes in my 57 years of riding motorcycles. The message I would hope to leave you with today is that these experiences are part of life and part of riding. The message I also hope to encourage is that you use these experiences to make you a better stronger person and a better stronger rider.

In life or in riding, we can bless our lives by taking the time to evaluate what happened. What can be learned from the incident and avoid a similar event in the future? We need to identify the sequence of events that led to the incident.

Let me share two examples from my own riding experience that stand out in my mind at this time. Of course, there would be many in my personal and business life as well, but here we will focus on riding.

  1. Several years ago I had a serious crash on a mountain road as my wife and I were on the bike and I was taking a sharp downhill curve. This was a paved asphalt road with a gravel shoulder. I was on a left hand curve with a steep cliff drop off on the right. I entered the curve with too much speed. This forced my path wide onto the gravel shoulder. Once on the gravel shoulder, I had no traction to bring the bike back in line or slow my speed. Rather than go over the cliff on the right, I chose to lay the bike down on its left side. This caused considerable damage to my left leg which was then under the bike. The good news is my wife was not injured at all, but certainly shaken by the incident. So that’s what happened.

    Now what did I learn? As is the case in most incidents, it is back to basics. Slow down before the curve, look out of the curve to where you want to go and turn on the power in the curve and the bike will smoothly pull around and out of the curve.

  2. The second incident I want to share with you occurred just this past August. Glenda and I got on the road on a Saturday afternoon and headed for our adventure get away in Sturgis. The bike was packed with about 100 lbs. of luggage and of course we were two up. I had just finished the second day’s round of our club’s annual member guest golf tournament. The first day I played well but this day had been all uphill. As we traveled, my mind was reliving each shot of my day’s golf round rather than my riding task at hand. As we exited the Interstate to head through the back roads of Wyoming, my mind was not focused on the moment and I suddenly realized the stop sign at the end of the exit ramp was near at hand. With the heavy load and the short breaking distance, my ABS System kicked in and my heart rate went up and I could see there was no vehicle crossing in front and made a final decision to not complete the stop and gratefully cruised as slow as possible through the stop sign without a tragedy. That is the incident.

    So what happened? What did I learn? First of all, even though our riding time is a very special opportunity to be in a creative thinking mode, daydreaming is not allowed—ever. Also, with a passenger and full load of luggage, the challenges with control and stopping distance are significantly magnified.

If we can each learn through incidents in our lives, as well as on our bike, we are taking the opportunity to become wiser with passing years. It is my prayer that each of you will allow your challenges to make you stronger and wiser.


Our 2012 riding season is over. Make plans for 2013!

Next Ride: June 12-22, 2013
Canadian Rockies Trail of the Great Bear

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Bike Tip:
Ride Without

People often ask me if Glenda and I have an intercom system or music to listen to during our time on our bike.

I must say that I have avoided both of these. My quiet time on the bike, enjoying the sights and smells and sounds of nature, is some of my most creative moments. This is a time I am filled with gratitude for the simple pleasures and blessings of this life.

Try it and you may find the same joy in your ride.




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