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Thank You

As this year of 2012 comes to a close, I must take this opportunity to say thank you to each of you, our riders, our guests, our supporters of our Hammond Family. You give us an opportunity to increase our circle of friends, and support our Smiles for Hope Foundation.

I give a special thank you to my wife, Glenda. Before our marriage nearly three years ago, she had never been on a bike in her life. Since that time, she has spent an average of 12,000 miles each of the past three summers as a passenger on a Harley-Davidson. There has never been a hesitation, or question, or a complaint. Thank you, Glenda.

Without my children, there is no way our effort could continue. They give of their time, their enthusiasm, and their special spirit of commitment to our family. My special heart-felt thanks goes to my daughter, Angel. You have met her by phone or email or, best of all, in person when she has been able to join us on one of our rides on her red Harley-Davidson Softail Deluxe. Angel contributes hours and hours of her personal time away from her family to make sure you are served and to make sure all of our arrangements are in order for a safe enjoyable ride for each of us.

I must thank our featured clinicians. They graciously donate their time and knowledge and expertise to give you a quality continuing education experience. They also make others aware of the opportunity we provide by promoting our effort in their lectures and in their catalogs.

It has been a very successful year at Learning Curves. With all of our profits going to our Smiles for Hope Foundation, we have been able to continue to fund basic costs involved with our three Dominican Republic mission trips each year where we host groups of 40-50 U.S. and Canadian doctors and their teams for this 10-day humanitarian opportunity. Glenda and I have been able to continue our efforts to give support to UCE Dental School in San Pedro de Macoris, Dominican Republic.

This year we also committed to an additional very significant project. Glenda and I, along with five other couples, are funding the equipment and supplies of a six-chair dental hospital in the very remote reaches of the mountains of Nepal. This hospital will be manned and serviced by the fourth-year students from the Kantipur Dental College in the capital of Kathmandu, Nepal. All six couples are contributing a share of the cost of the equipment to furnish the six operatories. All six couples will pay their own expenses to be at the hospital in April of 2013 to open the doors for the first patients to be served and to be the first servants in this new facility. This hospital will bring access to care to more than 300,000 people that, until now, have had no access to care. This is the first of its kind in the country and we hope it will be a model for future efforts of the same kind. The building is nearing completion at the present time and the equipment is in route from India to be installed.

Once again, I express my sincere thanks to each of you, not only for your support, but for the blessing you provide us in the Hammond Family to be touched by the lives of so many great people in the profession that has blessed our family and the profession we love.

I wish each of you a Happy Holiday Season.


Roy Hammond
Learning Curves, LLC

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