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  • Crest Brown Strips
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As you read this month’s letter, Glenda and I are hosting our group of 48 Crown Council volunteers in the Dominican Republic. We completed our 10 days of service at the UCE Dental School and our group of volunteers arrived on March 1st. We return home on March 9th and have a one and one-half week break before heading to Nepal to open the new hospital that has been on our plate for two years now. We will be more than ready to put the rubber on the road when we return on April 15th just in time to mail our check to the IRS. Your support of Learning Curves is what makes this all possible. Thank you.

Season Start Up

Won’t be long now. Spring is just around the corner and even though March is one of our biggest months for snow fall here in Utah, it does not last long like it does in the severe winter season. The roads are soon ready for a ride.

Either you have been thinking of getting out on two-wheels or you already have had that opportunity. Either way, I hope you will give some thought to starting off on the right foot.

  • Check the tire tread and tire air pressure. The last thing I want is to find it necessary to use the Stop & Go kit detailed in the bike tip. I feel one of my most important investments is to always ride on good secure tires.
  • Now is the time to have your dealer perform any maintenance that is due or near due. Don’t wait until the shop is back logged with people as summer comes closer.
  • Go to a parking lot at the mall or school or church where there is a large empty area to tune-up your skills. This might seem like a waste of time when it is much more fun to have the wind in your face, but it is a small investment to make to better insure your safety this season.
  • Practice braking, cornering, swerving and also (the difficult one for me) the U-Turn on a narrow road. You may want to enroll in a Rider’s Edge course at your local Harley dealership.
  • Maybe you are that special guy who has a wife that put a new Harley under the Christmas tree. It has happened so it is probably possible. If it happened to you remember that every bike has a different feel. I learned that the hard way when I laid down my good friend’s Honda that he wanted me to try. Go slow on a new bike until you have a confident feel for the power and details of that particular bike.

The seed I want to plant, as spring arrives, is to NOT throw caution to the wind. My goal is that we all start off on the right foot for a wonderful safe riding season.

Keep the rubber side down—


Crest Brown Strips

This is not a new product from Crest. But, this is an interesting thought for all of us in the business of smile designs and who have had patients using Crest White Strips.

This is what you get when you come to the crest of a hill too fast and find a truck stopped in your lane.

The key is to ride only as fast as you can see. Can I stop this bike within the road area ahead that I can see? If not, then I need to slow down until I feel sure I can accomplish that with ease.



Canadian Rockies, Southern Utah, Zions, our new Sturgis Adventure—take your pic on some incredible riding and some fantastic dental CE in 2013.

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Next Ride:
June 12-22:
Trail of the Great Bear

The breathtaking Canadian Rockies are waiting for you

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Bike Tip:
Tire Repair Kit

I have always kept a tire repair hit in my saddle bag. The good news is that, so far, I have never needed it. In the early days, this kit had CO2 cartridges and more recently kits have 12 volt pumps to attach to your battery.

A friend of mine recently had great success with the Stop & Go Tubeless Puncture Pilot. It has all you need to plug the hole with a mushroom plug as well as a mini-air compressor.

The kit is $69.95 and comes in a canvas case. You can check it out at stopngo.com




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