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Thank You

As we here on the Learning Curves Team high in the mountains of Utah close out the year of 2013, we are filled with gratitude for each of you. You are what make this effort of the Hammond Family possible. Thanks to you, our gifted and generous clinicians. Thanks to you, our loyal riders. Thanks to you who share your enthusiasm for what we do with others and also you who are still thinking about and planning for your very first ride with Learning Curves.

All of you are what allows us to meet great new people and form great new friendships. You are what keep us connected to the profession that has blessed our family in so many ways for so many years. You are what make it possible for us to continue the vision we have for Smiles for Hope Foundation and our efforts around the world. For each of you, we again say a sincere thank you.

As Glenda and I look out the window at the snow-covered trees and mountains peaks from our home here in Sundance, Utah, we think of family. As the Christmas season approaches, life is about family. We share eleven children and thirty one grandchildren, with one more on the way this month. Our family is the center of our purpose here on this earth.

For each of you, the holiday season brings forth varied and different centers of focus. This focus is based on our religious beliefs and we honor and respect each of you for yours. For us in our family, our focus will be on the birth and life and teaching of Jesus Christ. His life and his teachings provide the foundation and spirit of our family and our travel here on this earth. We are so thankful for the abundance we are blessed with both temporally and spiritually and give our commitment to move forward in 2014 doing our best in serving each other and our fellow man.


Roy and Glenda and our family

We wish you joy and health and success in your worthy endeavors this Holiday Season and in the coming New Year.

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