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Last Chance!

If you have a vision of riding from Utah thru Nevada and up the coast of California and Oregon and Washington to Victoria and Vancouver Island and then across British Columbia and back down into Idaho and thru Montana and Wyoming to Utah before flying home then now is your chance.

Registration for this one and only one time ride will close at the end of April. The end of April is just four weeks away and that is when we will finalize all hotel reservations and bike reservations. If this is the adventure you have dreamed about you should email Angel now!

Freedom of the Mind

This quote keeps resonating in my mind. This past year at least three or four different new riders said these exact words, “Wow, this is the first time I can remember in many years that I have left my troubles out of my mind and completely enjoyed the moment and the joy of my surroundings and the people I am sharing the moment with.”

Travel frees your mind. Travel is good for your health. Now, I am not referring to flying to Hawaii and staying in a five-star hotel and sitting on the beach all day. I am talking about pointing the front wheel of my Harley out of town and feeling the stress and worries of everyday life fade away. This kind of travel is very refreshing. Gliding around a curve and there before you is an entirely new sight. It may be just an old barn in a green field or it may be your first view of the Grand Tetons, or a huge Red Sandstone Arch, or Slot Canyon as you traverse Southern Utah or just being on top of the world at 12,000 feet with a 360° view of 50 or 60 miles in every direction as you cross a mountain pass in Wyoming or Colorado. What about that view from the North Rim of the Grand Canyon or your ride through the bottom of Zion Canyon. Wow!

This kind of travel is not just about what you see. You meet new people as well as seeing new places. The more great people we meet the greater your future joy, luck, and growth through networking. I can think of several of our guests who now have life-long friendships with people they met for the first time on a Learning Curves ride. Our team is blessed to see these friendships born.

Speaking of meeting people, I know of no better place to meet people unlike me than on a Harley Ride. That is what I love about the time Glenda and I take to ride to and from the Sturgis Rally every year. The people, whether at a gas stop, a lunch or dinner stop, or just hanging out on Main Street. Almost everyone is unlike me. We can all talk for long periods because of what we do have in common, but we can all learn and grow by what we don’t have in common. I had this same kind of experience this last December in Las Vegas. Glenda and I were there for the National Rodeo Finals. These people were unlike me. They all had cowboy boots and their Levis bunched up above their boots and they all had a huge cowboy hat. I just loved the opportunity to talk to these guys and find out about their world. A local or national dental meeting does not give me this special unique opportunity.

When I think of being on a motorcycle, I think of whatever happens being magnified. I not only see it, I feel it, I smell it, and it completely surrounds me. The motorcycle enhances the journey. The memories are more vivid and more long lasting and filled with more joy, the blessing of being with people that will broaden and enhance my life.

Please consider this my personal invitation to join us this year and not only enhance and change your life experiences, but give us the blessing of serving you. Give your mind the opportunity to be free and creative. My most creative moments are behind the bars of my Harley.

See you around the next curve.


Slow Riding

My golf coach, Matt, tells me it is easy. Just let your back swing take the club head on the correct plane and then let the club take it’s natural line back through contact with the ball and continue the club head on through toward the target.

My great friends and fellow riders, Lance and Graham, tell me it’s easy. Just turn your head like an owl sitting on the seat and look directly at the point you want to exit the turn and the bike will go there.

Well for me, in my life, neither of these exercises are easy. They take my total focus both on the golf driving range and on the motorcycle driving range. But, I am not a quitter! Spring is here and I am ready to get my clubs out of the closet and head to the range and I am ready to start the Harley and head to the large parking lot behind the church we attend.

I watch both Lance and Graham make slow riding maneuvers and turns like they were born to ride. I watch my grandsons’ place their tee shot down the center at 260 yards like they were born to play. I don’t get it, but here we go back to basics:

  • Can you touch the ground with both feet. This gives a mental feeling of security to be able to stabilize the bike and hold it upright at a stop.
  • Like the gyroscope that I had when I was a youngster, the faster the wheels are spinning, the more stable the bike the simpler balancing becomes. Wow, maybe this is why I love to ride fast.
  • So, the real challenge comes as the bike is traveling slow. The challenge of balance increases exponentially. That is why we recommend to our Learning Curve guests that they unload their passenger before tight maneuvering at a gas stop or in a parking lot!
  • So now the real challenge for me comes when mastering those tight U-turns. My friends, Lance and Graham, would put it this way. Roy, this is so easy. Just drag the rear brake while maintaining continual drive by using steady throttle and slipping the clutch to control speed. This “tension” minimizes sudden interruptions in drive and helps pivot the bike around tight U-turns.
  • Look to the exit of the turn before leaning in, even if you swivel your head like a barn owl in a tight U-turn, you will find the bike automatically follows your eyes.

Well now, it’s time to get to work on my mastery. I can only hope that I have that “aha moment” this spring on the driving range behind our church and at the driving range at our Country Club.

I wish for you safe riding around every curve and for all of us to keep the rubber side down around those tight U-turns.

Be safe.



Send an email to Angel today to sign up for one of our rides. Glenda and I would love to share these wonderful memories with you.

Next Available Ride:
June 11-21, 2014:
Victoria & British Columbia

Take part in our all-new international ride along the Pacific Coast Highway to Canada. Email Angel today.

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Bike Tip:

I have written in a previous letter about Kevlar Jeans to protect you if you go down. There are many different popular brands with Draggin Jeans being one of the first on the market. There are now many other brands on the market.

This idea was a new one to me and may interest you. “Bohn Armor Pants” Armor is located in the vulnerable places on the pants. This extra layer fits snugly against your body providing comfortable and discreet protection that is in the right place if you fall. As compared to the Kevlar Jeans, you can now wear your own jeans or whatever pants you choose over these pants. It gives you a lot more options. To find out more go to: www.SeeRiderPants.com or call 530-898-9269.






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