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The Parable of Spot

When I observe unusual situations I have a DNA need to apply these situations to the principles of our daily lives.

This past spring Glenda and I were at Zion’s National Park making some arrangements for our Grand Circle ride in September through this beautiful area. We spent the night at Zion Mountain Ranch. Zion Mountain Ranch is a huge cattle ranch that has been converted to a tourist stop with small cabins and a small wonderful restaurant and a herd of wild buffalo (bison) that roam the open mountainside.

The morning of our departure the buffalo herd had worked its way to an area near the restaurant while we were having our breakfast. As I observed the herd, I noted that there was a black and white long horn steer moving along with the 100 or so buffalo. Upon my inquiry, I found the story of “Spot.”

The black and white steer had been left behind in 1989 by the previous owners of Zion Mountain Ranch. The ranch then became the home of the buffalo herd that was introduced there by the new owners. It was at that time that Spot joined the herd. Being an impressionable young longhorn bull, Spot began his journey into becoming a buffalo in his own mind. He began to walk like a buffalo, talk like a buffalo and as far as he knows, never having looked into a mirror, looking like a buffalo.

Now, isn’t our life just like the life of Spot in so many ways? We become like those we hang out with. If we hang out with turkeys we become a turkey. If we hang out with eagles we become eagles. The people we hang out with are our board of directors. They shape our lives and our future and even how we see ourselves. We can become who we expect ourselves to become. We should place our expectations of ourselves high. We need to raise our bar.

I share this belief system with each of you with the hope that we might each go forward with a commitment to be more fussy about who we share our time with. Let us each look to surround ourselves with folks who are better than us in the ways we have set our sights to become.

I would also hope we can share our talents by lifting others up whenever we are given the opportunity to do so. I would hope that we all would want to be the type of person that great people want to hang out with. As we travel through life’s pathways, serving one another is what brings true joy.

Thanks for listening.


Have You Heard?

  1. Our great friends, Graham and Donna Beker of Beker Motorcycle are now the official Harley Davidson Authorized Tour providers for New Zealand and Australia and all parts down under. Congratulations to Graham and Donna for being the type of folks that Glenda and I and Harley Davidson are proud to work side by side with.
  2. Have you heard this one? You have heard of all the notoriety of Vladimir Putin and the Ukraine lately. Well, did you hear the one about Putin riding into Kiev on his Harley Tri-Glide? It’s true. Backed by his personal “gang” called the “Night Wolves” Putin rode into town stating their purpose was to “provide humanitarian aid and to ‘spread’ Russian influence around the world.”
  3. A detailed study was done in Brussels Belgium trying to find an answer to the world’s urban traffic congestion. This may be as simple as “creating policies to promote motorcycle commuting.” The study found that even a slight shift in traffic composition from cars to motorcycles significantly reduces both traffic congestion and emissions. The study said that replacing 10% of private cars with motorcycles provided a decrease in total time loss of 40% and emissions were reduced by 6%. A 25% shift from cars to motorcycles eliminated congestion entirely.
    This study was only in Belgium, but I have spent considerable time in Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon.) There are 7.5 million people with 5 million motorcycles making it the most motorcycle-dependent city in the world. With the city’s 300-year-old narrow streets, the traffic flows fairly quickly due to the fact that only 10% of the traffic is made up of cars.
    4. Since the tsunami in Japan, the police now have new police motorcycle squads riding off-road bikes. These squads are to be deployed after a national disaster when roads are too treacherous for cars or standard police bikes to navigate. Not a bad idea to consider!
    5. President Obama signed the Agricultural Act of 2014 and it prevents the distribution of E15 fuels in the US. The act extends through 2018. The American Motorcycle Association has been against E15 because if used in motorcycles or ATV’s it voids the vehicles’ warranties.

Upcoming Rides

It is hard to believe that we have only two more Learning Curves Rides in 2014. We have just completed our ride through our nation’s oldest national park, Yellowstone. This ride also includes the Grand Teton National Park and Cody, Wyoming, and Jackson, Wyoming, which are both tried and proven, real west cowboy towns.

Our Colorado Rockies ride later this month is sold out. We still have limited space for our Grand Circle ride in September. Looking forward to 2015, our special Valentines’ Ride on the Big Island of Hawaii is sold out and we have already begun making plans for the balance of our 2015 season. You can check out your opportunity at Learning Curves.net. Now is not too soon to anticipate your 2015 ride.

Next Available Ride:
September 24-27, 2014:
Grand Circle Adventure

4 National Parks and 2 National Monuments in 4 days of riding! Email Angel today.

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Bike Tip:
Twisted Core

Motorcycle News said they could not recommend these undergarments highly enough. They were given five stars.

If you have ever wished you had a really comfortable undergarment, you may want to check these out. They are designed to be a “Twisted Core Compression Base Layer.” There are either winter or summer versions. The purpose of each piece is to provide gradient compression to key muscle groups, claiming improvements in circulation, performance, and fatigue.

The price is right at $59.99 for the compression shirt and $49.99 for the compression pants.

Twisted Core






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