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All of you continue to bless our lives. Sixteen years ago my wife Frances and I hosted our first Harley Davidson motorcycle tour. We began this effort as we planned and anticipated our departure from private practice six years in our future.

We also, along with our four children, started our journey of humanitarian efforts with our own private charitable foundation. Our vision at that time was that these two efforts could work hand-in-hand to allow us to be actively engaged in “Doing Good” and to remain in contact with the wonderful profession of Dentistry that has blessed our family in so many ways.

We also had the hope and vision that we would be able to remain in contact with our many cherished friends in the dental profession and always have the opportunity to make new friendships around every corner. Without question this vision and dream has come to fruition and continues to do so year after year.

I must express my gratitude to my children who have always been by my side giving there all without any hesitation or financial reward to make all of this happens. During the time that Frances and I were away for two years serving as missionaries for our church, our four children continued to support and manage our vision. After their mother passed away, both Amy and Angel, my two daughters, took her seat behind me on the Harley so I did not have to ride alone as I gave all I had to carry on after that loss.

Glenda - wow there are no words to begin to explain the light and hope she has restored to my life with her unrelenting support, not only of Learning Curves and our humanitarian efforts, but her commitment as a grandmother and mentor to my beloved children. Thank you, Glenda, with all of my heart for all you give each and every day.

Thank you Pete and Courtney and Missy and Matt and David and Jodi and Cherisa and Kent and Andy and Christina and Grant for accepting me into your family and jumping in with commitment and love to those efforts that your mom and I have committed too. Being there by our side blesses our lives and brings us joy.

Thank you Roy and Jen and Chris and Ali and Angel and Mark and Amy and Cannon for all you do and all that you are. Mom is proud of you and she is so grateful to see you by the side of Glenda and I as we continue to pledge our all going forward in our earthly journey. I am proud of you beyond words and so proud to be your father.

Thank you Lance and Jolene for being there and being a special part of our Learning Curves Team. You have truly made a difference for all of us and always add a special light to our rides.

Roy, Dad, Pa Pa, Grandpa, Grandpa Roy

May God bless each of you in our Learning Curves family this special Christmas Holiday Season

Bike Tip: Garmin Zumo 390 LM

Looking for a gift for that rider who has everything? You may want to go to garmin.com and checkout the Zumo 390 LM. This is a GPS made for motor biking, with an electronic map in a box and a 4.3 inch screen that is glove-friendly and can even be read in direct sunlight.

There are cool settings just for bikes, such as the “Curvy Road” mode. It is also Bluetooth enabled, so if you wear a headset it will feed you any and all directions. You can even add on tire pressure monitors as a safety measure. Cost is $599 and you can check it out at garmin.com

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