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75th Sturgis Rally Week
Yes it is the week of migration to and from Sturgis South Dakota and all the surrounding hotels and open fields and highways and byways of the Black Hills. This is the 75th gathering of riders from across the US and from around the world.

  • There will be around 750,000 riders in and out of Sturgis South Dakota during this week

  • Last April there was a new agreement finalized that makes Harley Davidson the official motorcycle of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally for the next 75 years. A permanent plaza will be built on Main Street in Sturgis that will include a stage for events, concerts and weddings. The plaza will integrate bikes from the Milwaukee headquarters which are more than 100 years old.

  • Evel Knievel will be at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip. Evel's infamous failed jump will be repeated with hopes for a better outcome. Evel will again attempt a world record 22-car jump on a 1972 Harley Davidson XR750. This will all happen in the middle of the Sturgis Buffalo Chip amphitheater.

  • Did you know that life on 3 wheels is becoming a new generation of bikers? The First Annual 3 Wheeler Motorcycle Rally was held in Deadwood, South Dakota July 16-19. The only constant in life and in biking is change.
Find a road to unwind and extend your “Date Night” around the “Curves” ahead.


In the Looking Glass Experienced riders make the avoidance of blind spots of the road one of their primary focuses while riding. Stay “in the mirrors” of surrounding traffic. You will be safer.

Always be aware. Make a plan to avoid blind spots and the death spot. What is the death spot? This is the area directly alongside of a vehicle. If the driver swerves, changes lanes or loses focus and wanders, you get hit.

Make your plan to stay well behind a vehicle in the left side of your lane so the driver has a good chance of seeing you in his interior or left side mirror. Then, when you have clear opportunity to pass, do it quickly. Always take maximum advantage of lane position. Place yourself in the mirrors and then when you do pass, stay left away from the vehicle to avoid any left movement or swerve. If you are constantly complaining that other drivers have a lack of awareness or respect for you, be more introspective. Are you riding in the blind spot?

Matching speed to conditions is one of the most important tactics to staying safe for the ride. We could talk about road surface conditions. We could talk about loss of daylight and night riding. But, for this short narrative, the focus will be only on the sight distance on the curve. While riding in the Alps of Europe this past June during our Learning Curves Tour there, this challenge was a constant part of the ride. Here in America, because of our wide open spaces, we are not faced with constant sharp blind corners, but we need to be prepared when they come. As you enter the corner, slow down. Prepare for the worst. A motor home driver may be making a U-turn in the middle of the corner, you need to be able to make a complete stop within the roadway you can see.

If you wait to brake until you can see a hazard that is hidden behind that blind corner, it is unlikely you will have enough distance to make your safe stop.

Next time you get a chance, practice your use of braking and accelerating through those series of blind corners so that you are always ready for that unexpected hazard that could be lurking behind a cliff or over the crest of a hill.

Be safe

Want to find a winding road to unwind this year? Please join us on a Learning Curves Adventure. We love the opportunity to serve.

Roy and Glenda and our Learning Curves Family


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