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Well, our riding season here at Learning Curves is over, but the memories are still vivid in our minds. Our European Tour with the Beckers could not have been any better. It was magical!

The support we received from Gordon and Rella Christensen for our hugely successful ride through the Colorado Rockies and the commitment of Steve Anderson and the Crown Council to support our Miles for Life effort all contributed to a great year of opportunity for we in the Hammond Family to serve together, to make new friends and to fund our humanitarian opportunities.

Our plans and commitments are all in place for our 2016 season. We kick off with our International Ride through the Canadian Rockies in June and double down on the Grand Circle in both August and September. We hope you will plan now to enjoy some Curves and Learn and grow in 2016. You can download your registration form at our website and fax it to

We have a huge year of humanitarian opportunity ahead in 2016. We will host two teams of Smiles for Life volunteers in both March and September in Guatemala. We will host a Smile for Life Team in the Dominican Republic in November. In April our Smiles for Life Team to Nepal will include the ten children of Glenda and I and each of their spouses. Our team of 24 will be involved in earthquake rebuilding projects and medical and dental education and service.

The back nine of life is not about sitting in the bar called the “Nineteenth Hole” and sharing memories. The back nine is where you see each finishing hole as another opportunity for a birdie and your chance to finish strong and really make a difference in this beautiful world we are blessed to live in.




Planning is everything. No matter whether it is planning that full mouth restorative case or planning the future for your life or creating a plan for that next corner as we ride the byways of our beautiful country, planning is the key to success.

For the purpose of this narrative, I stick to planning your next “Curve.”

● Consider Corner Radius

Is this a constant radius turn. This would be like a section of a circle and this is for sure the least complicated.

Is it an increasing radius turn where it begins with a tighter radius and then straightens out. This allows you to accelerate earlier.

Is it a decreasing radius turn. This type is the most challenging and it tightens from corner entry to the exit. This requires much slower speeds. These are the ones that make my heart jump and while riding in the Alps this seems to be all they know how to build.

● Consider surface camber slope

A well-engineered corner has the surface banked. But don’t count on it because some roads slope the wrong direction and they challenge traction on the turn.

● Consider pavement condition

Look for debris or bumps or gravel or moisture. Also consider texture. A smooth glossy look offers less grip. Look for Metal Plates, tar crack filler and very worn pavement. Rain also will reduce traction by lubricating the surface.

● You have made your evaluation

● Make your plan

Adjust your entry speed. The correct speed is determined by all the factors mentioned above. If you feel that shot of panic as you enter, you have entered too fast even if you made the turn OK.

Look through the turn. Look where you want to go. By looking into and through the turn, you are essentially telling your brain and muscles where you want the motorcycle to go.


Want to find a winding road to unwind this year? Please join us on a Learning Curves Adventure. We love the opportunity to serve.

Roy and Glenda and our Learning Curves Family

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Beyond GoPro

GoPro continues to expand its accessories. Check out the Suction Cup Mount for you bike or helmet. It has been proven at speeds of 150-plus mph. This is an industrial strength Suction Cup Mount but be sure the surface is clean or your fancy camera could be gone.

Selfie anyone? GoPro also has the Swirl Mount 360 that you can attach to your Suction Cup Mount. You now have a whole new world of selfie options as you travel the roads capturing your memories for posterity and for your years in a rocking chair on the front porch. $39.99


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