Our Vision

A new horizon in continuing education.

Is it time to move your practice to the next level by increasing your knowledge and skill sets, while building relationships that inspire? Congratulations—you’ve discovered it. We’ve combined top-shelf CE with our love for Harley-Davidson motorcycle touring. By day, we explore some of the world’s most breathtaking scenery. At night, we gather with our profession’s foremost authorities, including featured clinicians like Gordon and Rella Christensen, Steven J. Anderson, Doug Andrew and Dennis Wells (all of whom happen to be Harley enthusiasts!) to be taught, and to expand our vision.

Scream around the learning curves.

Thanks, in part, to greatly increased media attention, today’s patients are actually beginning to notice, understand, and appreciate the difference between passionate, communicative “oral health partners” and those dentists resting on their laurels in status-quo practices. And, there is an ever-widening gap between dentists on the leading edge—and those who are not.

Learn. Focus. Renew.

So, how do you become one of those “leading edge” dental providers? And more specifically, how can Learning Curves Dental Adventure Tours help you in your pursuit? The answer is twofold. First, begin (or continue) your constant search for the best clinical and interpersonal continuing education. Advanced clinical skills and better-refined artistic perspective in today’s successful dental practice are “musts.” More than ever before, those taking advantage of continuing education are setting themselves apart from those who don’t. Because of the knowledge gained, they can offer the quality experience and services that others simply can’t.

As fun as the Harley touring portions of our rides are during the day, Learning Curves attendees really look forward to our clinician presentations each evening. After dinner, we get down to brass tacks with solid, tactical topics you can integrate into your practice the day you return. Coursework includes a wide range of subjects from controlling overhead and retaining a quality team, to the latest advances in periodontal therapy and practical ways to increase your cosmetic caseload. Topics are always stimulating, and highly informative. Guest clinicians are the best in our profession, and conversation is always lively and entertaining. We usually meet until about 9:00pm, then mingle a bit before turning in.

Knowledge is power—and much more.

p>Second, you must “internalize the vision” for your practice. The benefits of dental CE extend well beyond acquiring tactical knowledge and new techniques. Learning Curves’ guest clinicians inspire—and, expand your mindset through course topics and dialogues that include advanced marketing strategies, maximizing patient relationships, and learning to truly enjoy what you do. These topics—coupled with your technical expertise—will change the way you think about your practice. Those who internalize the vision are setting the standards for our profession like never before. They’re the dentists assuming the position of professional dental leadership in their communities. They’re the dentists enjoying the personal contentment that comes from delivering the type of dentistry they enjoy the most. They’re the dentists becoming high profile and enjoying the success, reputation, and profitability that follows. They’re the dentists in control of their practices, in control of their futures, and in control of their lives.

Sound lofty?

Yes, we admit that it is. But time after time over the years we’ve proven that the limitations many dentists subconsciously place on their careers can be shattered over time by the right mindset—and great CE is often the catalyst. Come with us on this adventure. Don’t be left behind. Opportunities to truly differentiate your practice from the rest—and to change your perspective—are few and far between. Possible? Yes. Probable? You bet!

This isn’t a “guy thing.” We love couples.

Bring someone along! Sharing this adventure with someone you love isn’t half the fun—it’s double the fun. We have lots of single riders on our tours, which is great. But we encourage couples to share this experience together. Picture your spouse or significant other in a red, white, and blue Harley bandanna! You’ll be surprised how much you’ll both enjoy the Harley culture, the new-found friendships, and the ride itself—even if your companion has never even considered riding on a motorcycle before. Hey… what about those 100-mile hugs!? Sometimes, we even have participants that “bond” with a son, daughter or other family member on one of our tours.

Aside from the personal relationship building, Learning Curves offers opportunities to build professional relationships that can’t be developed in any other setting. Our rides attract the who’s who of our profession—and many of them are Harley enthusiasts! Yes, there are “classroom” settings in the evenings where you’ll mingle and visit—but some of the most dynamic and lasting relationships are always formed between the lines. All along the way, we provide ample time for interaction with guest clinicians. Their enthusiasm and love for our profession is contagious, and you’ll feel it the first time you visit with them. Learning Curves isn’t a “mentor sponsoring program.” But ride after ride we see lasting alliances form between guest clinicians and ride participants—friendships often renewed and strengthened on subsequent rides. In addition to brushing shoulders with professional “icons,” the opportunity to build a network of dentists across the country, anxious to share your insights, successes, and challenges, is priceless. Over the years, we’ve seen these close alliances form across the miles to inspire, encourage, and enlighten.

A “turn-key” adventure.

Our exhaustive planning and constant fine tuning mean peace of mind for you, our guests. We’ve fine tuned the process through scores of tours over the years. We’re experts at the obvious—where to go, where to stay, and where to eat! But there’s much more to creating unforgettable memories. We know how many miles to ride each day to maximize comfort, yet take in the best sights along the way. We know how to allow sufficient time for relaxing and socializing. We understand the dynamics of riding in groups including mechanical logistics and safety concerns. In other words, we know what we’re doing—and that simply translates into a relaxing experience for you, without having to worry about the details. We take care of you—and we love doing it.

We all need to be reminded.

Do you remember your first bicycle? Perhaps it was a Schwinn Sting Ray with a “gold-flecked” banana seat. Do you remember the way it made you feel when you rode it? Free? Independent? Able to escape chores or a little sister? Come feel that way again. What will you be reminded of astride a powerful American-made legend? For some, the deep rumble reminds them of how much they value their freedom. For others, spectacular mountain sunrises remind them of how anxious an incredibly beautiful world is to share its secrets when you stop long enough to notice.

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