Learn what an enjoyable and enriching experience Learning Curves Dental Continuing Education has been for our previous riders.

“Learning Curves has brought me closer to my husband and what he does to support us!

“By going on these fantastic rides, Rob Terry and I have been able to share our love of riding Harley Motorcycles, while at the same time expanding our education in the field of dentistry in some pretty fantastic places, with some pretty fantastic folks!

“It has also been great being able to share ideas and solutions to woes which we all share in this field both as the professional and support crew a.k.a. spouse.

Once again, Rob and I can not say enough how we have enjoyed the Learning Curves adventures, and look forward to revving that throttle again in the future with all of you!”

Rob and Jules Terry

“When Cindy and I decided to spread our wings towards another adventure to enjoy together, Learning Curves fit the two of us perfectly. We have enjoyed all of the Learning Curves Family of riders so much but just wish we could do it with you all more often. You guys have been a blessing to us to keep us in a balanced life of work, play, worship and study and we appreciate your providing us the opportunities. We look forward to more fun and fellowship with the ‘family’ as we keep the rubber down and the throttle open.”

Ron and Cindy Massie

“I have been on several of the Learning Curves CE adventures. They have all been a lot of fun and there has been beautiful scenery and it is always fun to go fast on a Harley. But, the most valuable part of the adventure for me has been the opportunity to sit down at lunch or dinner with guys like Omer Reed, Gordon Christiansen and Roy and ask questions and to learn from them. That has been some of the highlights of my dental career! Thanks!”

Big Ed

“We have made a Learning Curves ride an annual tradition. It is one of the highlights of our year. Thanks for making it a memorable adventure each year.”

Steve and Cheryl Anderson

“The Learning Curves ‘experience’ has been fantastic for me and Charlotte. Combining great continuing ed with an outstanding ride is truly a lifetime experience. Getting to meet new friends and getting to see old ones, while riding a motorcycle has been one of the great highlights of our lives!”

Paul F. LaRoche, III, MAGD

“Learning Curves has added a whole new dimension to our lives! My wife and I have been able to see some of the most beautiful country in the world, meet some of the most interesting dentists in the world, learn from some of the most accomplished dentists in the world, and have the time of our lives – it is absolutely incredible!!! Learning Curves is the best kept secret out there for continuing dental education. If you are a dentist and you have even a remote interest in motorcycles, you owe it to yourself (and your spouse) to check it out. I assure you one trip and you will be hooked just as I am!”

Dennis Wells

“It is very hard for me to put into words what my experiences have been with your family and Learning Curves. Because of Learning Curves I have learned a new skill(riding a motorcycle) been to places I wouldn’t have gone otherwise and had the opportunity to meet people who have improved my life. I have had the chance to spend time with some of the top clinicians and lectures in dentistry in a very close environment and share the experience of the motorcycle journey with them. None of these things really express the whole experience and I can only refer people to the song by Tim Mcgraw ‘My Old Friend’ to give them the sense of how I feel. Did I mention I also think it is some of the cheapest money I have spent for what I got.”

Tim Modic

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